Types of Braces

Understanding the Different Types of Braces

After a consultation with a patient who has been asking, do I need braces, the next most common question is how do braces work. Our patients are always pleased to discover that we offer them a choice of different types of braces designed to correct the problem of misaligned teeth and are happy to answer all of their questions regarding the effect that wearing braces has on the teeth. Your orthodontist can help you to determine which of the different types of braces can provide the most benefits for your particular situation.


Types of Braces - Invisalign v BracesInvisalign is among the most popular type of braces selected because it uses aligners that are clear overlay templates that work to move the location of the teeth in a very gradual fashion. These clear aligners make this type of braces serve as invisible braces that can barely be noticed by others, making most patients feel less self-conscious when wearing them. The best candidates for the Invisalign style of braces are adults as well as teenagers whose orthodontic bites are presenting them with problems.

Damon System

Dr. Dwight Damon is the inventor of Damon braces, a system that uses brackets with wires capable of sliding back and forth in a sideways motion along the bracket. Because the use of steel or elastic ties is not necessary with Damon braces, most patients find them more comfortable to wear because they create less friction in the mouth that can create soreness. There are also fewer adjustments to this system that must be performed throughout the duration that the braces are worn, and overall treatment time is usually much shorter.

The Herbst Appliance is a special device utilized in order to enable the lower jaw to catch up to the growth of the upper jaw in patients whose upper teeth are protruding. The Herbst Appliance puts the lower jaw in a new position from which the patient can easily continue to open and close their mouth and chew their food comfortably.

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