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Is Tooth Extraction Really Necessary for Braces?

Is Tooth Extraction Really Necessary for Braces?

Tooth extraction or not tooth extraction, that is the question!  Even in 2017, the question of whether or not to extract teeth for orthodontic purposes is widely debatable in our professional community.  There are factions within orthodontics that are dogmatic about never extracting teeth, and there are some that always extract teeth.  We believe that the truth lies somewhere in between.  The need for extractions in conjunction with orthodontic treatment is a very individualized decision.

This decision should be made by a qualified orthodontic professional.  Only after a thorough clinical examination and carefully analyzing a full set of diagnostic orthodontic records can this decision be made.  In summary, extractions are absolutely the correct course of treatment for some people.  But in other cases, they should be avoided at all costs.  That’s where the orthodontist comes into play.  It is our job to correctly make that decision based on individual treatment needs. Given that information, let’s examine which cases demand tooth extraction.

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