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How Does Invisalign Move Teeth?




Invisalign. If your child needs braces, he may feel self-conscious about the whole ordeal. He may worry about the embarrassment of food getting trapped in his teeth and braces, and as a parent, you may be concerned about his ability to keep his teeth clean for the duration of his orthodontic treatment plan. For parents and kids who are facing these concerns, using Invisalign orthodontic treatment may be an excellent solution.


What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the name given to the process of moving teeth that uses clear plastic trays called aligners. The aligners are custom molded to the shape of the patient’s teeth. These trays resemble the plastic retainers that you may have used if you are an adult who had braces as a child. However, these aligners differ in one important aspect. While retainers are perfect molds of your teeth to keep them from moving, aligners are slightly different than your teeth so that the teeth shift little by little to fit the tray.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Every set of teeth is different, so no two orthodontic plans are identical. However, in most cases, the patient visits the orthodontist every two weeks to get a new set of aligning trays. Each set of trays is specifically designed by the orthodontist to move the teeth into the right positions. This process may take any length of time depending on the specific case.

The aligner is made of molded, clear plastic, and they have to be worn 20 to 22 hours every day. They are not supposed to be worn while eating or drinking, and the patient must remove them to clean the aligners and the teeth after every meal. The aligners can stain if they come into contact with food particles in the mouth, so good dental hygiene is important.


What are the Advantages of Invisalign?

The main advantage of this type of treatment is its cosmetic value. While traditional braces are very obvious when the person wearing them smiles, this type of orthodontic treatment is all but invisible. Most people won’t even notice that the person is wearing the trays. This is a great option for adults who are trying to correct orthodontic problems and don’t want to advertise their braces. Teens who may be extremely self-conscious may also prefer this kind of treatment.

Orthodontic treatment with aligners allows the patient to keep teeth cleaner than traditional braces because they can be removed. Patients remove the trays, clean them, brush and floss the teeth, and then replace the trays. In contrast, conventional braces cannot be removed until the end of the treatment, so it is necessary to use special tools to keep the brackets and wires clean.

Unlike traditional braces, this method includes no irritating brackets in the mouth. Patients don’t have to worry about wires poking them uncomfortably. Patients can eat what they want without worrying that they will break a bracket or dislodge a wire.

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How does Invisalign Move Teeth?

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