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Can you still maintain a healthy diet while using Invisalign?


Whether your teeth are crooked or the orthodontist has expressed concerns about your kids’ teeth, the time has come to have a discussion about braces. Many people still opt for the traditional ones, which are square metal brackets on the teeth; these brackets are connected with a wire. Another type is called Invisalign.

Understanding Invisalign

Before you can begin to ask specific questions about Invisalign, you should understand what exactly this treatment is. These types of coverings, as the name implies, are virtually invisible. They are different from ones that go behind the teeth. These still generally go on the front of the teeth, but people cannot see them. Many people choose to have these braces because they do not like how they look on them. Therefore, they select a method that hides the coverings as much as possible. Not all people are candidates for this treatment though; individuals must consult with their orthodontists to discover if this plan is right for them.

Teeth Coverings and Diets

When individuals have these types of structures placed on their teeth, they often receive dietary restrictions. For example, consider people who have the traditional style. Chances are, the orthodontist is going to tell them that they cannot chew gum. Chewing gum can get stuck inside of the pieces. Other types of foods can cause issues with the structures as well. Therefore, when individuals are choosing to get the invisible type, they wonder if they will have the same type of restrictions imposed upon them.

These Structures and Diets

The major difference between these types and the invisible kind is the way that they look. However, people also do not need to restrict what they eat when they have this method in their mouths. These structures offer more freedom than do the traditional type. Still though, that doesn’t necessarily mean that people just want to stuff whatever food they want into their mouths. Part of taking care of the teeth is maintaining proper eating habits. These habits do not only help the teeth, but they assist the entire body in achieving a higher level of health.

Why Eating Right is Important

People who have these types of braces do not have the same struggles as other individuals when it comes to the foods that they can eat. Usually, the orthodontist will not limit their diets, but individuals should still proceed with caution. While these structures are not necessarily in their nascent stages, new information could appear in the future that suggests it is better to avoid certain foods while the structures are on. On top of that, people want to make sure that they are concerned with the overall health of their teeth, not just whether they are straight.

Talk to the Professional

When people have questions about what they can and cannot eat while wearing certain structures on their teeth, the smartest idea is to have a chat with the dental professional. The situation is going to vary to at least some extent from case to case, and people want to make sure they are doing what is right for them instead of just assuming that all individuals are the same. Set up a time to speak with the professional about the foods that are the best to be consumed while wearing these units.

Healthy for the Teeth

When people talk about healthy diets, they can have a bunch of different ideas. Some of them are thinking about their weight, and others want to make sure they lower their cholesterol or tackle their diabetes. Yet you also need to consider what is healthy for your teeth. For example, eating foods with a lot of sugar is not the best idea. Furthermore, if you drink a great deal of soda, you should consider cutting back. Although not a food or beverage, cigarettes are another product that can cause damage to your teeth and that you may wish to surrender in your bid for greater health.

Healthy for the Body

You should also think about the foods that are right for your body. Of course, taking care of your dental health is important since the health of your teeth as a connection to your health as a human being overall. Still though, you want to think about adding more fruits, vegetables and lean meats into your diet. Eating enough of these foods can ensure that you have a healthy body, and structures on your teeth, in general, are not going to prevent you from eating them.

Speak to Your Doctor

When you are trying to decide what types of foods that you should eat in order to maintain a healthy body, the only conversation that you have shouldn’t be with your dentist. You should also speak to your doctor to find out about any conditions you have that could preclude you from eating certain foods. By talking to your doctor, you can also learn safe ways to attain your goal weight and to slim down your body for a healthier you. When you have these structures on your teeth, you can still work to get the rest of your body in shape as well.

The Short Answer

You originally asked if you can maintain a healthy diet while you are wearing those structures on your teeth. The short answer is yes, you can. Absolutely no reason exists why you would not have the ability to maintain a healthy diet. These structures do not prevent you from eating certain foods in general. On top of that, even when you do go for the traditional method, the foods that you can’t eat or shouldn’t eat are usually ones that aren’t the best for your body anyway.

Now you know that you do not have to give up your bid to get healthy just because you are having structures put onto your teeth. On top of that, you can use this time to focus on the health of your teeth but also your entire body for a fresh start.


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