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Damon System

What Is the Damon System?

Damon System - SpartanburgIf you are thinking of getting braces for misaligned or crooked teeth, then you might select the new Damon System as your method of treatment. The Damon method is a recently developed high-tech system that offers many benefits to traditional metal braces and brackets. Patients who have used this method have benefited from it by having shorter treatment periods and a decreased amount of discomfort and hassle. The road to straight teeth should never be bumpy or uncomfortable. The Damon arrangement was developed to make braces enjoyable and stylish for the cosmetically concerned patients.

What Are Damon Braces?

The Damon design is similar to traditional braces in some ways, but the differences cause the patient to have a much less stressful experience. The Damon brackets have their own self-ligating brackets that do not require metal ligatures or rubber bands. The Damon brackets have their own doors and locks on them, which initiates tooth shifting on its own. The Damon system always exerts slight tension on the brackets and wires, and they never loosen. Therefore, the patient does not have to come in frequently for painful adjustments such as with traditional braces.

What Are Damon Clear Braces?

Damon clear braces are a cosmetically friendly version of the Damon braces. Three types of Damon braces exist: Damon, Damon Q and Damon clear. The Damon Q brackets are smaller than the Damon braces, and they provide the patient with additional comfort. The clear braces are tooth colored, and they are made of a Polycrystalline alumina material that combats staining. Clear braces are an excellent choice for any person who would like to receive semi-confidential teeth alignment care. Patients who receive the clear Damon braces are less likely to have self-esteem issues during the course of their treatment plan.

The Price for Damon Orthodontics

One major benefit of getting Damon braces over traditional braces is that they are less expensive. The treatment period is shorter which effects the price range of the system. Traditional braces can start as high as $5,000 and work their way up according to the complexity of your problem. Damon braces are typically less expensive, and your dentist will give you special financing options for the work. Your orthodontist wants you to have a beautiful smile and a positive outlook on life.

Are You a Candidate for Damon Orthodontics?

You may be a candidate for Damon braces if you have gaps, missing teeth, crooked teeth, crowding problems and the like. You can make an appointment today and schedule a consultation with a professional orthodontist. Dr. Nease or Dr. Higginbotham will examine your teeth via X-ray and physical inspection. They will work with you to come up with best solution for your alignment problem. Your orthodontist will consider such factors as the severity of the problem, your age, your health and more. Most people are candidates for the Damon system, which is an exciting new technology that is sweeping the orthodontic industry.

Damon System

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