Common Problems

When it comes to seeing an orthodontic specialist for orthodontic treatment, there are several, common problems that will head potential patients in that direction. Orthodontic problems focus around problems with misalignment of the teeth or jaw. If you are wondering if an orthodontist is the right person for you or your child, the following issues are good indicators that you should set up a consultation.

An Underbite

If you or your child has an underbite, you will find that the lower jaw extends further than the upper jaw. As a result, the bottom teeth actually overlap the top teeth. Not only is appearance an issue, but this can cause discomfort in the jaw during chewing and talking.

An Overbite

An overbite deals with the opposite problem in which the upper jaw extends over the lower jaw. In some cases, this is so severe that the lower teeth can hit the roof of the mouth, causing pain and problems chewing.

A Crossbite

Common Orthodontic ProblemsIn the event that a patient has a crossbite, the upper teeth rest within the lower teeth. This often leads to a misalignment of the jaw and complications such as a temporomandibular joint disorder.

An Openbite

When an openbite occurs, the top and bottom teeth do not align properly to overlap. This problem is typical for children who sucked their thumb or always thrust their tongue against their teeth.


In cases of protrusion, the upper front teeth are mainly involved as they protrude too far forward. On occasion, lower bottom teeth may not protrude as far as they should.

Spacing Issues

Sometimes patients have gaps in between their teeth. This can be caused by missing teeth or an abundance of space in the mouth. The orthodontist may be able to resolve the issue with a cosmetic approach. Otherwise, braces are a common solution.

Crowding Problems

Many people deal with a crowded mouth. When this occurs, the teeth become overlapped or crooked in appearance. Braces are generally used to expand the space in the mouth and bring teeth into alignment. On occasion, teeth are removed to provide more space.

Problems with Midline Alignment

Matching midlines refers to how the back bite actually fits and matches, rather than concentrating on the front bite. When there are problems with midlines, it can cause problems with the jaw and proper dental functioning.

When to Seek the Expert Advice of an Orthodontist

Children can be referred to an orthodontist by their dentist as early as the age of seven when potential problems have been identified. It may be possible to intervene at such a young age to avoid more advanced treatment options later on. However, it is possible to seek timely orthodontic treatment at any age. Advances in technology have resulted in orthodontic alternatives that are convenient and have relatively fast results, a major plus for adults who have waited to address any orthodontic issues.

If you are experiencing any of the above orthodontic problems, you don’t have to wait for your family dentist to refer you, simply contact our officehere or at 864 579 7700 to arrange a complimentary consultation.

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