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AcceleDent Aura

AcceleDent AuraStraight teeth free of aesthetic issues are something that everyone dreams of having, but the required time to obtain the type of results people want without intrusive orthodontics leaves many people with lackluster smiles.

AcceleDent Aura is a new system that utilizes the latest advances in orthodontics to greatly speed the process of teeth realignment. It can make the results that you want to have obtainable in a way that’s neither intrusive to your mouth, nor an inconvenience.

What is the AcceleDent Aura?

The Aura is a device developed by OrthoAccel Technologies. It’s a hands-free device developed with the purpose of speeding up the process of orthodontic realignment in a pain-free, fast, safe and simple way.

AcceleDentThe Aura has the following advantages over traditional realignment technologies:

  • There’s no pain, and many patients have reported less discomfort while using the Aura than with other types of orthodontics.
  • It can help move teeth up to 50% faster when used with orthodontic realignment treatments than alone.
  • The AcceleDent orthodontic system has been cleared by the FDA as safe when used under the supervision of your orthodontist.

How Does It Work?

The AcceleDent orthodontic system works in tandem with other orthodontic treatments by utilizing vibrations to make the teeth in your mouth move at a faster rate. These pulses do so in a safe manner that leaves the integrity of your bones and your teeth intact.

The interesting thing to note about the Aura is that the micropulses used by it are more gentle than a powered toothbrush.

By expediting the orthodontic treatment process, that means you achieve faster and safer results. This in turn results in less discomfort, which allows you to have the perfect smile you want without having to wait as long.

AcceleDent is My Best Friend on Adjustment Day – Faster Orthodontic Braces

Can AcceleDent Be Used with Invisalign?

Acceledent Aura Infographics_100 percent_with logoThe Aura is designed to be used in conjunction with other orthodontic procedures. Given the unique nature of the Invisalign tray system, using the AcceleDent with Invisalign realignment makes for one of the best treatment options for busy individuals.

When using the AcceleDent with Invisalign, it’s important to remember that sticking to the plan your orthodontist in Spartanburg creates with you. This will ensure you see long-lasting, efficient results and a beautiful smile when you look in the mirror.

To learn more about how the AcceleDent orthodontic system can be used in tandem with other orthodontic treatments or to see if this type of treatment is right for you, contact Dr. Nease today. He will work with you as your local orthodontist in Spartanburg to create the perfect teeth realignment plan for you.




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